Cost of theft vs. the cost of prevention

The cost of theft is a number that can go on & on & on and never stop without implementing protection, This is a formula that is based on 1, 25 acre park in Southern California with 66 Christy splice boxes in place for their lighting:

Cost of theft over 10 years with only 7 years of theft do to lower scrap copper prices, $ 27,000.00 x 7 years = $ 189,000.00

Cost of 66 ELJ9 security lids from Sipra Corp :

$170.00 x 66 = $ 11,200.00    ONE TIME COST !!!

Savings over 10 years = $ 177,800.00

This is a savings plan for all municipalities or companies that implement a proven security system that stops copper wire theft !


About sipracorp

Theft deterrent for utility splice boxes for infrastructure placed in them.
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