Future scrap price

I was talking with a law enforcement officer who deals with copper theft and the scrap dealers he deals with are projecting the scrap price above $ 5.00 a pound ! At the height of copper thefts in 2007 & 2008 it was $ 4.00 a pound, what’s going happen ? It’s time to protect your wire now.

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Utility cost from theft

I was reading a report from the Department of Energy and they had 4 utility company’s from different parts of the country with annual loss of dollars of $ 15 million from copper wire theft, thats only 4 !

What’s the cost for ALL of the major and small utility company’s in the USA?

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Just getting the word out that anyone heading out steal copper wire from Concord, CA and coming soon to Antioch,CA parks … bring alot of tools they are now covered by The Lockjaw! …. on second thought just stay home you can’t get to the wire anyway.

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from Nov 16, real cost

ICTD has experienced a series of copper wire thefts from its system the past three months that has resulted in more than $100,000 in losses. As such, NICTD is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the offenders.

The stolen wire is about 1 inch thick and made up of multiple strands of wire wrapped in a heavy rubber casing. The stolen wire is then sold to scrap metal dealers.

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Slurry ?

Some city’s put gravel then chicken wire and finally slurry over that…..

Just a little info, the wire is not rated to be covered and the slurry will leach on  it and corrode rapidly and the cost to replace all the wire being covered will make this the worst idea ever for public works departments across the country! I wonder how many brother in laws, who just happen to be electrical contractors get rich  from replacing the wire ?

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Prevention is a 401K plan

Another thought on the savings that comes with prevention by installing The Lockjaw! is the long term savings for company’s and municipalities is better then what most 401K plans offer for the people that work there !


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Cost of theft vs. the cost of prevention

The cost of theft is a number that can go on & on & on and never stop without implementing protection, This is a formula that is based on 1, 25 acre park in Southern California with 66 Christy splice boxes in place for their lighting:

Cost of theft over 10 years with only 7 years of theft do to lower scrap copper prices, $ 27,000.00 x 7 years = $ 189,000.00

Cost of 66 ELJ9 security lids from Sipra Corp :

$170.00 x 66 = $ 11,200.00    ONE TIME COST !!!

Savings over 10 years = $ 177,800.00

This is a savings plan for all municipalities or companies that implement a proven security system that stops copper wire theft !

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